MPNP News: MPNP to Prioritize PNP for people with expiring work-permit

Great news is coming out of the MPNP office in which they are emailing and appealing to people to report expiring work permits so that they can process candidates’ files as Priority. More news as follows

Fast processing of PNP files for people with expiring work permits.

MPNP Prioritizes Processing for Those with Expiring Work Permits
MPNP Prioritizes Processing for Those with Expiring Work Permits

According to a recent MPNP announcement on their official files, MPNP released that they will introduce a little change to the criteria for choosing files to be processed.

As a result of the protest by International students. The government finally started to listen and work with student demands. Because of COVID a lot of files were on hold which resulted in a big pile of PNP files to be processed and Further resulted in a high spike in MPNP score it got worse in 2024 because there was no sign of work-permit extension policy and this worked as an add on to suffering students.

So, If your work permit has already expired or is going to expire in the next 180 days consider notifying the Manitoba provincial nomination program through the Skill Worker webform they made available on their website. the source for this news was the immigrate manitoba website itself. and could be verified on their website here.

Moreover, I think this was a very smart move to deal with an overloaded workload and to focus on priorities. Meanwhile, the normal processing time for MPNP files is still 9-12 months as per the last reports and the average time for people with expiring work permits is still unknown,

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Best of luck to everybody who is going to apply MPNP file.


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